Air Express Mini Dryer


With a single high-powered motor and an innovative design, Sullivan's Air Express™ Mini Dryers boast surprising power for their size.

Sullivan's Air Express Mini Dryers feature all the power of the standard Air Express III in a compact size.

  •  • Equipped with a single high-power, high-efficiency motor, for unmatched power and versatility
  •  • Patented aerodynamic design increases air velocity—more efficient airflow with less restriction means means more power to dry pets faster
  •  • Metal rear end cap offers unmatched strength for long-lasting use
  •  • Innovative cartridge filter slides into metal rear end cap for maximum protection
  •  • Large opening in the back allows for greater air intake, which provides more air power
  •  • Includes supplemental heat booster to increase air temperature for faster drying
  •  • Includes a 15’ hose for easy and convenient drying
  •  • Available in 11 colors to coordinate with any grooming shop
  •  • Made in the USA
Air Volume (CFM): 108
Air Speed (FPM): 28,011
Heat: Heats to 10% above room temperature
Motor: ⅗ HP
Amps: 11
Watts: 1,265
Volts: 115
Dimensions: 14½"L x 10½"W x 6½"H
Weight: 19 lb

Warranty: 1-year manufacturer's warranty

  •  • Black
  •  • Screamin' Neon
  •  • Red
  •  • Pink
  •  • Lime Green
  •  • Purple
  •  • Yellow
  •  • Orange
  •  • Green
  •  • Silver
  •  • Blue

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More Information
Primary Brand Air Express
Product Grouping National
ERP Status Unknown

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