Davis Crimping Beads 100 Pcs


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Davis® Crimping Beads are made of aluminum with a silicone liner that molds around the feather and fur of the dog being groomed. Combined with feathers, beads add the ultimate finishing touch that takes a grooming job from plain to pizzazz!

Use Davis® Crimping Beads with Davis Crimping Pliers (DM3000) to secure feathers to fur, creating a head-turning, prize-winning look. Once crimped, the beads hold the hair tightly, without damaging it, and will not slide off easily.

  • Choose almond, black, or brown
  • Easy to remove
Watch Styling With Davis Feathers to learn more.

Materials: Aluminum, silcone
Size: Pack of 100 beads

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Starter kits include one each of crimping pliers, hair threading tool, and 100-pack of black beads, plus one package of either multi-colored Funburst feathers or guinea feathers.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. Look at the direction of natural hair growth where feathers attach. Make sure to keep in mind the desired positioning before starting the process.
  2. All undercoat hair comes out easily, so be sure to attach the feather extensions to guard hairs. When combing or brushing dogs, please do not forget that feathers are attached.

Please note: Feather extensions are temporary accents that can be accidentally removed when combing and brushing pets.

To Attach:

  1. Slide a crimping bead onto the shaft of the hair threading tool.
  2. Select the portion of fur you would like to decorate.
  3. Open the threading tool, and place the section of fur into the hook. Close the latch of the hook.
  4. Push the bead to the top of the tool and pull the tool through the bead, leaving the fur threaded through the bead.
  5. Place your finger under the bead to make room for your fur extension.
  6. Holding the bead on the fur strand, insert the coated tip of the feather extension into the bead.
  7. Gently clamp the bead flat with the pliers.

To Remove:

Use the appropriate hole in the pliers to uncrimp the bead so that it can be easily freed from the coat. The bead should be returned to a round shape so that will it slide off easily. Crimping beads restored to a round shape can be reused several times. 

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