Add-On Services

Add-On Services

Some groomers offer add-on services that customers can purchase in addition to their basic full grooming price. Add-ons are services or goods used in addition to a standard full-service groom. Some of these additions are a natural extension of basic grooming, such as:

  • Flea shampoo fee (if a pet arrives with fleas, you want those parasites gone before theyinfest your grooming area, and proper use takes longer than a regular bath.)
  • Medicated shampoo fee (because using a medicated product adds 5-10 minutes to each bath.)
  • Anal gland expression
  • Ear hair plucking
  • Express service (some customers are willing to pay extra to have their pet groomed from start to finish with no cage time. This service is excellent for puppies, elderly pets, special needs dogs, anxious animals, and cats.) If scheduled at the end of the day, this can be an attractive option for both the customer and the groomer, as it will not affect the rest of the day's grooming schedule.

Other services are more exclusive and will only be appreciated by a segment of your clients.

Some of these may be:

Some groomers put together package deals, upgrading the products used and/or adding extra services. An example might be sold as, for instance, a VIP package that includes more premium shampoos and conditioners, a facial scrub, tooth brushing, and an upgraded or seasonal bow or bandana

Various goods and services can be assembled and priced in packages so customers can choose one that suits their desires and budget. Pricing should be based on the cost of products used andthe additional time needed to perform each process step. 

Offering additional services either a la carte or as a pre-designed package will be appreciated by a segment of your clients. It can be an effective way to increase your price per ticket if you market appropriately and charge correctly to make a profit even after purchasing the extra goods you will use.


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