Fifteen Ways to Fill Unexpected Downtime

Fifteen Ways to Fill Unexpected Downtime

Even talented groomers with well-established businesses sometimes find themselves having a slow day. Maybe you had a last-minute cancellation that you can't fill, or the weather is horrible, and a bunch of people rescheduled. Maybe (gasp) you made an error on the calendar. Here are fifteen ideas to wisely use that free time you hadn't planned on having. 

  1. Let's just go with the obvious choice first. Grab a cup of something hot or a glass of something cold, and put your feet up for a little bit. You deserve it. Sometimes, a little bit of goofing off is good for the soul.
  2. Look through your supplies and create a list of things you need to order soon. Consider creating a master list to make future ordering easier. Ensure you are not in danger of running out of your favorite shampoo, conditioner, or other products.
  3. Take this time to place that order.
  4. Organize your bow and bandana supplies. Make a note if you need to make or re-order any of these finishing touch items.
  5. Choose a project you've wanted to accomplish and tackle it. Maybe wash the walls around your bathtub or pull out your cage bank and give that area some attention. How about cleaning the insides of all your windows?
  6. Take everything out of your tack box/grooming hand-tool storage area. Clean and sanitize that space and neatly put everything back.
  7. If you have a grooming chair or stool with wheels, tip it over and clean the hair that gathers there. It's not a fun job, but it's so good to get it done.
  8. Go through your schedule and see if there are any reminders you need to send out to encourage customers to make an appointment.
  9. Go through your customer list and cull any client you have not seen in a year.
  10. Organize your office supplies and list things you need to purchase, such as stamps, pens and pencils, sticky notes, envelopes, or organizers.
  11. Take your shop vacuum apart and give it a good cleaning. This is not a fun job, but it does not take very long and makes the air you breathe smell so much better when it's done.
  12. Clean the woodwork around the entrance, inside and out. This area gets grimy and is easy to overlook. While at it, see if you need a new doormat or fresh seasonal décor.
  13. Give your bathroom a deep clean—restock supplies such as soap, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.
  14. Check your business's social media sites and add some interesting content.
  15. Look UP and clean any cobwebs in the corners, hair clumps from the ceiling vents, andweird smudges that appear mysteriously. The areas above our standard field of view can be neglected easily. 

Sometimes, an unexpected block of free time can lead to a welcome chance to get organized or freshen up our surroundings. 



Daryl Conner, MPS Meritus, CMCG has been devoted to making dogs and cats more comfortable and beautiful for 40 years.  You can find her happily working at FairWinds Grooming Studio with her daughter or typing away at her latest grooming-related article. Daryl was awarded both a Cardinal Crystal Award and Barkleigh Honors Award for journalism.  She shares her meadow-hugged antique Maine farmhouse with her practically perfect husband and a lot of animals.