Four Tools to Try for Under $50

A grooming tool does not have to cost a lot to be extremely useful. Read on to learn about four helpful tools that won’t break the bank.

What is the scoop with wide clipper blades? Their beauty is that they cut one and a half times more width than a regular blade. They save time by covering more territory with every stroke and producing less overlap. Since there is less overlap, groomers can spend less time blending and neatening the clipped area. And you know what that means? Less wear and tear on your body! They can be used alone or with guard combs. One savvy groomer I know sold all her traditional blades and replaced them with wide blades because she likes them so much. 

Most groomers wear some sort of hair-repellant smock, top, or apron, but what about all those pesky hairs that fall on your legs and weave into the fabric of your pants? Frequently that hair marries the material so that even a spin in the washer and dryer does not remove it, and you are stuck with permanently itchy pants. Did you know that hair-repellant leggings are available? They come in Capri or standard length.  Imagine how nice it would be to end a long grooming day with no irritating hairs rubbing on your legs.

Don’t forget liquid tools. The Maxx is relatively new on the scene. Made by Best Shot, this stuff is magic in a bottle. It can be used as a final rinse in a recirculating bath or as a finishing spray. It repels dirt, helps dematt and remove old undercoat, and drastically reduces drying time. We find that when we use it on dogs that come in regularly, they are far less matted on their next visit. It is highly concentrated; one bottle makes over 10 quarts of product. I use it on almost every dog. 

Do you sometimes drop your clipper or have your shears kicked off the table by a dancing dog? If so, you know that those expensive and vital tools often don’t survive hitting the floor. For a small investment, you can prevent costly and frustrating falls by attaching your shears or clippers to a Tool Saver. This nifty invention comes in two styles, one for clippers and one for scissors. It tethers the tool of your choice to your wrist with a comfortable, flexible band. It can be used on any clipper or scissors and be switched from device to device as you work. 

Small investments sometimes have big payoffs. Check out any of these products and see how much they improve your workday.


By Daryl Conner, MPS, MCG 

Daryl Conner has been devoted to making dogs and cats more comfortable and beautiful for almost 40 years.  You can find her happily working at FairWinds Grooming Studio with her daughter and infant granddaughter, or typing away at her latest grooming-related article. Daryl was awarded both a Cardinal Crystal Award and Barkleigh Honors Award for journalism.  She shares her meadow-hugged antique Maine farmhouse with her practically perfect husband and too many animals.