Groomers Magic Wand?

When a groomer I admire wrote something extolling the virtues of the Andis Deshedding tool, I paid attention and ordered one. Rarely does a work day go by that I am not grateful for that choice. Groomers often joke about wanting or needing a magic wand, and this tool is about as close as it gets.

I have purchased similarly styled tools in the past, but those are now all stashed in a box in the back of a cabinet. They may look like the Andis Deshedding tool, but they certainly do not work anywhere near as well. So here are some of the ways I put this implement to work to make my job easier:

  • Removing shedding coat. This is sort of a no-brainer since it is what it is designed for, but it never ceases to amaze me how much dead undercoat I can quickly and safely remove from many coat types. It excels on herding breeds, spaniel, and setter-type coats and is even helpful on some cats. If a pet sheds, chances are this will help.
  • You know those odd fluffy spots of soft, lighter-colored fur you often try to tackle on Golden Retrievers and dogs with similar coats? The Andis Deshedding tool is a whiz at pulling out those soft, stubborn hairs and leaving a lovely, smooth finish behind. You can use it with or against the grain.
  • Pet terrier coats. If you would like to pull out the undercoat and encourage some harsh topcoat to grow in, even on pet terriers, mucking through the fur with an Andis Deshedding tool before you clip will make short work of this project. Some of our terrier owners have purchased this tool for home use and achieved impressive results. When used regularly, the dogs maintain a far more correct coat texture.
  • De-poofing ears. If you have a poodle or poodle mix with overly fluffy ears, prone to matting between grooms and looking a little extreme, a few swipes of the Andis Deshedding tool will make those ears much more manageable.
  • Debulking dreaded doodle coats. Some of the woolier mixes are more prone to matting than others. However, going over the coat with the deshedding tool as a final step (after bathing, drying, brushing, and combing) magically results in fewer tangles when the pet returns for its next regularly scheduled appointment.

Ergonomically designed, so it is comfortable to hold, this tool has nicely polished teeth that glide through the coat without damaging delicate skin. While it may not have all the virtues of an actual magic wand, this is one grooming tool that will surely earn a place of honor in your tack box.