For professional groomers confronted with the challenging scents that pets can sometimes bring into the salon, PetEdge offers a robust solution: the K-O-E Odor Eliminator and Skunk Off Shampoo Gallons. The K-O-E Odor Eliminator stands as a beacon of freshness, designed to neutralize even the most persistent of odors, ensuring your grooming space remains inviting and odor-free. When pets come in with that unmistakable skunk aroma, the Skunk Off Shampoo is your go-to rescue, adeptly tackling and eliminating the strong scent while being gentle on the pet's skin and coat. Stocked in convenient gallon sizes, these products are essential for groomers who want to be prepared for all scent challenges. With K-O-E and Skunk Off in your arsenal, you're not just cleaning pets; you're restoring harmony to your grooming environment.

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