Dog Harnesses

While collars are necessary for identification and everyday wearing, many times they are not as ideal for walking dogs as many people think. If your dog is not well-trained on the leash, a harness can teach them not to pull and prevent them from getting tangled or tripped up. Harnesses also prevent leash injuries that result from pulling too hard by redistributing the pressure away from the neck and onto the dog’s full body. For older dogs, a harness can allow you to help them sit or stand up when they need a bit of assistance. And most importantly, it’s virtually impossible for a dog to slip a harness, meaning walks won’t turn into unplanned chases when Rover wiggles right out of his collar. At PetEdge we stock a wide variety of harnesses in several sizes, styles, and colors. Offer your customers the selection and quality they crave at a fantastic value from 

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