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    The Largest Selection of Pet Grooming Shampoos AnywherePet Edge is proud to offer the largest selection of dog shampoos anywhere! From conditioners & creme rinses to our own exclusive formulas,...
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    Unless you’ve got a poodle, dog owners will have to deal with the messy issue of shedding at some point. Shedding is a totally natural phenomenon where hair follicles release the hair to thin out th...
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    Professional Show Dog Shampoos and Finishes for professional results from Top Performance, TropiClean, Bio-Groom, Best Shot, DoubleK, Fresh 'n Clean, and more!...
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    Whether for the show dog or the professional groomer, PetEdge has the dog shampoo & finishing products to groom dogs to perfection or treat issues like damaged fur or relieve itchy skin. You may b...
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    Sometimes dogs need a bit more focused grooming treatment than a general-purpose shampoo and rinse, and PetEdge carries a variety of medicated dog shampoo to meet those needs. Tea tree oil, aloe vera,...
  22. Deodorizing Dog Shampoo

    Dogs are not particularly well-known for smelling fresh and clean. Unlike cats, they don’t do a lot of self-grooming and may actually exhibit behaviors that increase foul odors, like rolling around...
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  24. Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

    Allergies in dogs are very common and often symptoms manifest through the skin and coat, creating an all-over discomfort for dogs. While antihistamines and prescriptions are sometimes necessary, somet...
  25. Whitening & Color Dog Shampoo

    Looking for a good way to keep a dog’s coat shining in its true color? Especially on light colored dogs, stains from dirt, urine or food can make even a clean dog look dingy or dirty. That’s why P...
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    Flea & tick prevention is a crucial part of the dog grooming process. Both fleas & ticks can cause irritation to a dog’s skin, and ticks can spread many serious diseases including Lyme disea...
  27. Natural Dog Shampoo

    If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly dog shampoo without harsh chemicals, look no further – PetEdge has everything you need! Some dogs have coats that can be irritated by chemicals, so...