Hand Sanitizers

Now more than ever the importance of sanitary measures during grooming is of primary concern. Keeping your hands clean during cuts ensures that extra dirt particles or germs won’t find their way into a cut or sore on the animal that you may not be able to see. It also prevents spreading of germs and bacteria from one animal to another in a grooming facility. Washing your hands is vital for groomers, but in instances where you might not have the time, space or help with the animals to do a thorough wash, hand sanitizers work wonders. Small bottles or pumps can be strategically placed around the grooming area or wall dispensers can be refilled from gallon jugs. Customers may also appreciate having access to hand sanitizer in lobbies or outside as they come and go with their pets. PetEdge has great prices and availability on individual pumps and bulk applications of hand sanitizer liquids and gels – find what you need at PetEdge today.

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