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PetEdge carries a wide selection of professional dog ear care used by the top groomers & vets in the industry. Our large inventory of ear cleanerspowderstools, and assorted ear care such as cleansing pads makes pet ear health care easy and routine.

Unlike human ears, dog ears are very prone to problems such as mites, yeast, and buildup of dirt, requiring care and cleaning to stay hygienic and healthy. The main goal of ear care comfort and cleanliness, which discourages pests and parasites and keeps the correct pH balance for ear health. Problems with Ph balance can cause bacteria or yeast and is indicated by strong odors, redness, swelling or discharge. If a dog is scratching or pawing at ears, this may indicate ear mites or a buildup of dirt that can lead to infections, which is particularly common in long-eared animals. Cleaning and treating ears is an essential part of good dog grooming and PetEdge carries a great supply of liquid flushes, cleaners, ear powders, ear wipes and mite treatments for professional use. Liquid cleaners and flushes should be applied directly into the ear or onto a cotton ball followed by powders that keep moisture from building up. Mite treatments are also sometimes indicated as a one-off or ongoing treatment. Shop our leading brands of ear care products at great prices to keep your customers happy and free of unwanted ear problems!

Without routine and proper ear care, it is easy for dogs of all breeds to develop problems such as ear infections, foul odor, scabs and mites in the ear. Ensuring you have the proper dog ear care products on hand will allow for your dog’s ears to remain healthy and make sure he or she remains comfortable and free from infection. Using ear care products like lotions, gels, or wipes will prevent buildup of the dirt, debris, and wax that eventually leads to infection. Ear powder and hair pullers allow for the removal of problematic hair from the canal which can cause buildup or blockage. Just as with a human ear, never stick a cotton swab down in the ear canal – always just use wipes,, cotton balls or a gentle massaging motion to allow cleansers to penetrate. 




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