Dog Wellness

Frequent check-ups, a good diet, plenty of exercise – all these keep your dog healthy and happy. But sometimes there are additional things that can improve health beyond just the basics. Dog wellness products, such as homeopathic supplements, aromatherapy and probiotics help dogs maintain their wellness and improve their wellbeing. Dogs with stomach or digestive troubles will usually benefit from taking a probiotic to balance their gut bacteria – this can also be helpful during or after a course of antibiotics. Calming sprays and aromatherapies may help take the edge off anxious behavior and support better sleeping habits. Homeopathic topical treatments provide relief for skin issues like hotspots and itching safely and without having to wait for a trip to the vet. PetEdge carries the most trusted brands and products in dog wellness for either use or resale – check them out below and know you are getting a great deal!

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