Deshedding Dog Shampoos

Unless you’ve got a poodle, dog owners will have to deal with the messy issue of shedding at some point. Shedding is a totally natural phenomenon where hair follicles release the hair to thin out the coat – even humans shed hair. It’s more prominent as warm weather approaches and a dog’s coat begins self-regulating for temperature. Whether you have a short- or long-haired dog, deshedding dog shampoo can help keep some of that hair off your floor and make your dog more comfortable in the process. PetEdge stocks many different formulas of deshedding shampoo, most of which contain fatty acids and/or Vitamin E that reduce shedding. These shampoos loosen up hairs that need to be shed and strengthen the skin to promote a healthy coat. We’ve got retail-ready bottles as well as bulk buys for use as a groomer, vet or other pet service.

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