Whitening & Color Dog Shampoo

Looking for a good way to keep a dog’s coat shining in its true color? Especially on light colored dogs, stains from dirt, urine or food can make even a clean dog look dingy or dirty. That’s why PetEdge carries numerous types of whitening and color dog shampoo that can get pups looking clean as a whistle. Our blue and purple shampoos use optical brighteners to make coats appear fresh and white by reflecting light and hiding yellow stains. Enzymatic shampoos dissolve proteins that can harbor yellow and brown coloration. A clarifying shampoo strips dirt and build-up from the hair stem and follicle but can cause dryness and should be followed with a conditioner. We also have specially formulated shampoos to keep dark and black coats full of their natural color, so shop whitening and color shampoos at PetEdge today! 

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