Wholesale Dog Eye Wipes and Washes

Dogs have multiple layers of eyelids and caring for canine eyes is quite different than caring for our own. Inside their main eyelid that is made of skin and fur is what is called a ‘third eyelid’ consisting of a mucous covered membrane and with the ability to open and close independently. When this eyelid becomes irritated or a foreign object gets under it, the eye may overproduce tears or discharge and require help with cleaning. The easiest way to keep canine eyes clean is with wipes or washes. Wipes are disposable wet towels that contain a gentle cleanser. Simply wipe away from the corner of the eye being careful not to press too hard or scratch the eye. Washes can be used directly in the eye or squirted onto a sanitized cloth and used like a wipe. At Boss PetEdge we carry wholesale dog eye wipes and washes at fantastic prices – all shipped in bulk and packaged for resale, so stock your shelves today!

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