Chomper Food Junkies

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This batch of timeless snacks—in a range of yummy styles, from milkshake to french fry—is the perfect tribute to any dog's favorite indulgence. The plush squeaker toys of the Chomper® Food Junkies™ collection make fun cuddly gifts.
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Dogs will love fetching and cuddling with these blast-from-the-past Chomper® Food Junkies™. The soft plush toys squeak and crinkle when dogs chomp—keeping them entertained for hours.

  • Soft plush toys inspired by timeless, yummy snacks.
  • Great for tossing, cuddling, carrying around, and sleepy time.
  • Fluffy, pillowy stuffing is great for dogs who like to sleep with a companion.
  • Hidden squeaker keeps dogs engaged for hours; some styles include irresistible crinkle material, too.

Packaged for retail with a hanging loop and hangtag.

These irresistible toys are available in 11 designs: Avocado, Fried Egg, Milkshake, Snow Cone, French Fry, Popsicle, Popcorn, Ice Cream Cone, Donut, Banana, and Pickle.

Material: Fabrics and materials vary. May include the following: polyester plush, soft short pile, swirl plush, bubble-soft plush, corduroy, canvas, squeaker, crinkle material.

Avocado: 7" in length
Fried Egg: 7" in length
Milkshake: 9" in length
Snow Cone: 6.25" in length
French Fry: 6.75" in length
Popsicle: 8" in length
Popcorn: 7" in length
Ice Cream Cone: 6" in length
Donut: 6" in length
Banana: 6.5" in length
Pickle: 6.5" in length


Avocado: 14" in length
Milkshake: 17.5" in length
Snow Cone: 12" in length
French Fry: 12" in length
Popsicle: 15" in length
Popcorn: 13" in length
Ice Cream Cone: 11.5" in length
Donut: 11.5" in length
Banana: 13" in length
Pickle: 13" in length

Caution: Do not allow pet to play with toy if it becomes damaged. Supervision is advised.

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