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Filled with the original Kwik Stop Powder, single-use Kwik Stop® Kwik Tips™ offer a fast, convenient, no-mess way to relieve pain, stop minor bleeding, and start the healing process.

Kwik Stop Kwik Tips are styptic powder-filled flexible protective caps that hold tight to the nail, containing powder and blood residue. Each package contains 4 applicators.

  • •  Quickly relieves pain, stops minor bleeding, and starts the healing process
  • •  Eliminates powder mess and prevents blood stains on carpet & upholstery
  • •  Helps protect nail from complete clotting with pain-relieving benzocaine
  • •  So lightweight and comfortable that dogs rarely notice the caps on their nails
  • •  Made in the USA
Ingredients: Ferric subsulfate, aluminum chloride, diatomite, bentonite, copper sulfate, ammonium chloride, benzocaine
Sizes: (Each package contains 4 applicators)
  • Extra Small (for extra-small dogs, such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers)
  • Small (for small dogs, such as Jack Russells and Boston Terriers)
  • Medium (for medium dogs, such as Spaniels and Australian Shepherds)
  • Large (for large dogs, such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers)
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