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Clean and well-maintained teeth are crucial to overall good health in dogs, but it is easy to forget to keep up with this task. Eating healthy, crunchy food, gnawing on special dental treats and getting their teeth checked at the vet all help in the quest for oral hygiene. But just like their human owners, dogs reap the benefits of teeth brushing more than any other activity. Dog toothbrushes can be bristles on a stick like humans, or they can be a rubber finger covering with short bristles for easily accessing the mouth. Specialized toothpaste that tastes like chicken or something appealing to the canine set should always be uses – never the mint-flavored stuff.  At Boss PetEdge, we have a great stock of wholesale dog toothbrushes and toothpaste – all sold in bulk and priced for easy resale. Order now and help your customers keep those pearly whites strong and clean!

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