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Check out our wide selection of pet eye care products, all of which will keep your furry friends eyesight healthy and comfortable. Dirt and debris can collect in the eye and tear duct; if it isn’t removed promptly it can cause inflammation, infection and discomfort. Foreign objects, chlorine or allergens can also cause irritation, necessitating drops or other care. Using any one of our cleaners, gently wipe outward from the tear duct to the cheek to remove dirt, being careful not to touch or damage the cornea. If unpleasant stains remain on the fur, tear stain wipes can help freshen the area and stay looking clean. If more care is needed, try flushing with an eye wash and applying an antibiotic ointment. All these wholesale pet eye products are bulk-priced and retail-packaged making them easy sales, so stock up today!

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