Wholesale Flea & Tick

Wholesale Flea & Tick

Fleas and ticks are more than just a nuisance or source of discomfort for our canine friends. Long-lasting health issues like Lyme disease, anemia, Cytauxzoonosis infections, and more put their overall health and well-being in serious jeopardy. A multi-faceted approach to flea and tick control starts right here with these wholesale dog assorted flea and tick products. If an infestation is large, start by removing all visible pests using a specialty comb. This is also the best line of treatment for very young dogs or those with sensitivities to chemicals. Another great way to kill fleas and ticks is with chemical topical treatments, which have the added benefit of preventing new infestations for several days, usually 30. Apply these to the scruff of the neck where the dog can’t lick them off and rest easy for up to a month. Shampoos and body sprays also come in specialty flea and tick varieties to stop pests before they multiply. At Boss PetEdge, our products are always bulk-priced and ready for retail shelves, giving you easy profit margins without extra work, so order now!

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