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There are many reasons why a dog may need to be in a crate, but no matter the reason, making their time comfortable inside is top priority for dog lovers. Comfortable crating creates trust between a human dog and makes it much more likely that the pup will enter willingly. For ultimate comfort, crate mats and beds provide a soft and cozy floor that keeps them warm and happy while inside. A crate mat is a flat pad that allows for a bit more movement than a fluffy bed and can be washed easier. These are common for travel or in pet facilities and businesses. Often they are waterproof. A crate bed is larger with more padding and is ideal for sleeping or resting inside the crate. At Boss PetEdge, we stock wholesale dog crate mats and beds in a variety of sizes and colors, meaning you and your customers will be able to find exactly the right product. Our items are always priced and packaged for easy use or profitable resale, so shop Boss PetEdge today!

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