Wholesale Metal Dog Crates

For many dog owners, a good dog crate is a requirement, offering solutions to a wide variety of problems during all stages of doghood. Metal crates, often called wire crates, have a ton of benefits over other types and are popular with professional facilities as well as in homes. Wire crates allow young dogs and puppies to be supervised while in the crate due to its excellent line of vision and open feel. Larger wire crates can be subdivided, allowing it to grow with a pup or separate smaller dogs from each other. Wire crates can be lined on the bottom with paper, plastic trays or crate mats and beds, depending on what is most appropriate for the situation – but all options make for easy cleanup. At Boss PetEdge we offer high quality, wholesale metal dog crates in a variety of sizes. All our products are priced for resale and packaged for retail so order now!

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