PetEdge has your at home grooming covered! We've taken the guess work out. All you need to do is decide which Grooming Kit works best for your cat or dogs coat.
As we all know, currently you can't always get a dog grooming appointment when your pet needs it, and in-between grooming maintenance is very important. If you are willing to put in the work and care yourself, there’s no reason you can’t give your pet a grooming experience and look that would rival any professional. Our home grooming kits help you get started by giving you a full arsenal of exactly what you need depending on your pet’s type and coat. Our cat kits include brushes, ear flushes and claw trimming items for any type of house cat, from kittens on up. Our dog grooming kits are separated by size: small dog or large dog as well as coat type: short hair, long hair or double coated breeds. You’ll find shampoo, combs and brushes, nail clippers and more in our dog kits, meaning you can hit the ground running on your grooming adventure today!