Fabric Dog Crates

Ideal for small and medium sized dogs, fabric dog crates have a unique set of benefits. Also known as soft-sided crates, these tent-like shelters offer incredible portability – that can usually be packed down into a small pouch for either travel or storage. They can also be much more attractive than other types of crates, as the material can come in several colors to compliment your style. The openings are made of mesh and often are quite large, meaning the ventilation is perfect for warm weather. Some also have built in coverings for when more privacy is needed. Travel, camping, in-home and other light uses are perfect for fabric dog crates, but use caution if a dog or puppy is a chewer or likes to destroy things, a metal dog crate is a better choice. At PetEdge, we have a variety of sizes and styles of fabric crates to chose from, all with great quality and value.  Be sure to research what the appropriate size soft-sided crate is for each dog before purchase.

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