Metal Dog Crates

Dog crates are a must-have for pet care businesses and many pet owners and serve a wide variety of purposes for all types and ages of dogs. One of the more popular types of crates, the metal or wire dog crate, is extremely functional and has many benefits. For younger dogs and puppies, a wire crate allows you to see what they are doing and correct any unwanted behavior. They can also often be subdivided, such that the available area starts small and can be expanded as the dog grows. Usually a metal crate has a plastic tray in the bottom for comfort, which also slides out to make clean-up quite easy. Most metal crates can fold flat when not in use, making it a bit easier to store or travel with. Because they are exceptionally durable and strong without being too heavy, a metal dog crate should last several years. At PetEdge we offer high quality metal gates in a variety of styles and sizes. Be sure to research what the appropriate size metal crate is for each pet before purchase.

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