Plastic Crates

Lighter than metal wire crates and sturdier than fabric crates, plastic dog crates occupy a middle ground and are the most versatile type you can buy. For small dogs, they are ideal for hand carrying animals safely and easily. Larger dogs and crates are obviously not quite as portable, but the sturdiness of the rigid plastic is still the best solution for transporting via airplane. Most of these crates come as 2 turtle-like shells with a wire or plastic door and can be broken down easily for cleaning or storage. Their lightweight, durable nature means they can be stacked when in use and the solid, ventilated walls allows for more privacy and less unwanted interaction among animals in adjacent crates. Such enclosed walls also serve to keep some dogs calmer by creating a den-like environment and muffling outside sounds that may be irritating. No matter your crating needs, PetEdge has a variety of brands and sizes available for single or bulk purchasing, all at great prices!

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