Specialty Dog Crates

When it comes to travelling with a pet, many dog owners find it useful to keep their dog well-contained, either in a crate or via some other method. There are many different types of dog crates, available in many sizes and materials, but sometimes the usual thing just won’t do. That’s why PetEdge is happy to carry more unique solutions and specialty dog crates. Check out our products geared specifically to puppies, which are helpful for new owners, kennels, vet rooms and whelping needs. For those heavy chewers and Houdini hounds, we’ve got specially reinforced steel crates that can stand up to even the most powerful and motivated escapees. For attachment-style pet parents, we also carry sling carriers, allowing you to carry your pup on your body and keeping them calmer and happier than in a crate. Whether you are needing to contain dogs in a unique way or you are a reseller of pet products, our quality and pricing mean you won’t ever be disappointed. 

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