Dog Bowls & Dishes

One of the most important decisions a pet owner makes is what to feed their four-legged friend. But just as important as what to feed them is how. Having dedicated dog bowls and dishes reinforces proper feeding procedures and keeps homes and yards looking cute. Any dish used to feed or water dogs should be non-toxic, chew-proof and easy to wash. Materials can range from stainless steel to collapsible fabric for feeding on the go. Water can be served in a bottle, a bowl or even a fountain but should be kept clean and replenished often. In some instances, specific bowls for feeding litters, accommodating tall dogs, and keeping excitable dogs from eating too fast may be better choices than generic dishes. Whether you are stocking cute dishes, functional dishes, or both in your store, PetEdge makes sure you get the highest quality at the best price, so your customers return time and time again.

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