A note to our customers concerning Inventory levels and the Coronavirus pandemic

First and foremost, we want to express our hope that everyone is safe and well during the pandemic.  With each state in a various phase of reopening we are hopeful that everyone’s business returns quickly.  

Our business too has been affected by the pandemic, as is our supplier’s ability to provide us with the items that our customers need to run their own businesses. We are still feeling the effects of Import and Domestic factory closures over the last 90 days on many key items.  All our suppliers have been affected by reduced capacity to manufacture products and by restrictions on shipments to our Distribution Centers. Unfortunately, it will still take some time for the supply to be delivered to our Distribution Centers and to catch up with the demand on the impacted items.   

We thank you for your support, flexibility, and your business. We will be updating the availability status for any Out of Stock items on the website on a daily basis.  Please always feel free to contact our customer service representatives with questions.

Action items that we are taking:

  • We are working closely with factories to get product expedited as they get up to full manufacturing capacity
  • We are developing back-up sources for products where possible
  • Customer Care Reps at our Call Center have been provided with recommended alternative items where possible
  • We have increased the level of our product purchase forecasts to include extra safety stock on many of the key items
  • We continue to follow Covid CDC guidelines in our Distribution Centers to ensure they remain open and the product you receive has been safely fulfilled and shipped