Lucky Dog European 2 Run Kennels


With a 1¼” black powder-coated steel tube frame, this European-Style 2-Run Kennel boasts the same heavy-duty construction our customers expect, with a twist — this model features two side-by-side kennel enclosures for unmatched versatility and pet containment options.

This attractive European-Style 2-Run Kennel is as good as it gets for animal containment in the retail market, surpassing even the strength and durability of comparable welded-wire modular-panel kennels.

  • Features 2 side-by-side kennel enclosures for unparalleled pet containment options
  • Modular panel system allows pet owners to customize the kennel layout to fit each pet's individual comfort needs
  • Each kennel includes 5 wall panels, 2 gate panels, 16 panel clamps (2 clamps per panel and 2 clamps for common wall), and 2 locking gate latches
With 2½" vertical upright spacing, this panel kennel may not be ideal for smaller breeds and/or puppies

Material: Made of black powder-coated steel
Size: 5' L x 5' W x 6' H and 10' L x 5' W x 6' H; Individual panels and gates measure 5' W x 6' H

Caution: Always ensure your pet is properly trained to enjoy its personal kennel prior to use.

Shipping Info: This item is not eligible for free or discounted shipping. It is shipped directly from the manufacturer.

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