Dog Clipper Kits

Both professional and at-home groomers will find early on that a variety of blade sizes and types makes grooming both easier and more successful. You’ll need a #30 blade for very short and detailed work, a #3 for shaggy cuts and puppies, a #7 and #10 for general work, and more. The best way to outfit your grooming table with blades is with blade kits from When you buy a kit, you get several blades together instead of buying them one at a time. This means that your blades match in type and quality and your grooming techniques won’t need to adjust to different types. It also makes them easier to keep organized in a case, easier to get on and off the clippers since they all have the same feel, and easier to replace as a group when they begin to wear down. Set up shop the right way with blade kits from and know you are getting a great value on a great product!

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