Wholesale Nylon Dog Toys

Pet product technology has come a long way since the days you could pick up a bone for your furry friend at the butcher shop. We’ve found better materials and processes to make sure your dog gets the most from their chew toys – and does so safely and cleanly. Nylon dog toys are an extremely popular product offering safe bone alternatives that dogs really seem to enjoy. They come in a variety of shapes and consist of a thermoplastic material that is exceptionally durable and won’t splinter or break. It is manufactured with different levels of density, meaning that customers can select whatever hardness their pet prefers, as it can vary from dog to dog. The toy should never be small enough to swallow, though they will be able to grind the material down over time as they chew safely all day long. At BossPetEdge.com we have an abundant stock of wholesale nylon dog toys, all packaged and priced for excellent resale ability, and all sure to be something that pets and their owners absolutely love.

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