Cat Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Most cats march to the beat of their own drums, and their unpredictability means keeping them safe can be challenging. Like most pets, it’s possible for cats to wander off or get into a predicament where someone needs to identify them. Both indoor and outdoor cats should be fitted with collars that indicate their identity and owner’s contact information before they get into trouble. Having a collar will also identify your cat as a pet rather than a stray, preventing them from getting ‘rescued’ from their own front yard. Break-away collars ensure that if a cat’s collar gets caught on anything, it will harmlessly detach and not cause any pain or choking. Some cats are even fine with going for a walk on a leash, allowing for cute collar/leash pairing. BossPetEdge offers a huge variety of wholesale cat collars and leads with various colors, designs, and sizing. All our products are priced in bulk and ready for retail display, so fill your displays and profit today!

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