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Just like humans, dogs need to exercise their brains as well as their bodies to keep from getting bored, because boredom can lead to health issues as well as bad behavior. Fetch, walking, playing with other dogs are all activities that engage pups on both a physical and mental level, but what about the times they are alone? A great answer to this problem is interactive dog toys – and BossPetEdge has everything you need to stock your store with the newest and most popular products. Some of these are dog-centric puzzles that challenge them to manipulate a treat through a maze before rewarding them with said treat.  Frisbees and pull toys are great for playing with their people, but also allow them to tug and romp on their own whenever they get frisky. At BossPetEdge, stock a wide variety of wholesale dog interactive toys, all at great values and in ready for resale packaging.

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