Wholesale Dog Treats

A product with great retail margin are dog treats, since they are consumable and must be restocked. Having a great selection of treats will keep cust...omers returning to the store for their preferred brand and value and perhaps even with the desire to try something new. Beyond just the usual dog biscuit, bones, hooves and antlers are great sellers as they are good for the teeth, inexpensive and occupy the pups for a decent amount of time. These types of treats can’t usually be bought at the grocery store, so they are a great way to attract foot traffic from new and existing customers. Rawhide is also a consumable product that is specific to pet retail and offers the perfect treat to both occupy and satisfy dogs. Additionally, our meat-based treats come in several different types including training rewards, biscuits and aerosol paste. Whether you have a small pop-up stand or a larger brick and mortar shop, BossPetEdge.com can keep you well stocked in wholesale dog treats with high quality and profit margins. Shop BossPetEdge.com today for all your dog treat needs!

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