Zanies Fruity Sweeties Cat Toys


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Zanies® Fruity Sweeties Cat Toy Canisters are retail-ready in 4-packs, clip strips, and canisters of plush fruit-shaped cat toys. Four great cat toy options - Lemon, Lime, Watermelon and Orange. Each fruit is filled with catnip and poly for added kitty delight

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Brightly colored fruit-shaped toys are sure to be a kitty's favorite for batting around on a lazy afternoon. Each toy is filled with cat captivating honeysuckle. Canister of 28 toys; 7 lemons, 7 limes, 7 watermelon and 7 oranges.

Material: Polyester plush, polyester filling, Catnip

Lemon/Lime- 2-7/8"

Watermelon- 3¼"

Orange- 2½"

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Brand Zanies
Product Grouping Alpha Key
ERP Status Active