Safe and Secure on the Grooming Tables

Safe and Secure with The Trach Saver

Safe and Secure

Imagine you are grooming a small, older poodle. To prevent any falls, you put the grooming loop around her neck, making sure it is not too snug, but the dog keeps hanging her head down, and the pressure from the loop makes her cough. She’s a little wobbly on the table, so you want to keep a loop on her for safety’s sake, but she is clearly having a problem with this traditional restraint. Many middle-aged or older dogs, especially small breeds, show signs of having problems when any pressure is applied to their neck. This can be a symptom of tracheal collapse, a breathing condition that results from a weakening of the tracheal rings. What is a caring groomer to do? Add the All for Groomers Trach Saver® to your tack box!

This indispensable tool was created by a groomer to solve problems like the above. We have all experienced this scenario, and it is terrific to have a well-made, inexpensive invention like this for a solution. This newly designed restraint is also ideal for pets who have perfected the ability to shimmy and twist until they have backed out of traditional style grooming tethers. One groomer said, “In my opinion, it works much better than any other grooming loop. Dogs stop pulling and they can’t get out of it as easily. I honestly think these should be mandatory for all groomers to use. I think it is much safer for all dogs.”

The Trach Saver® consists of two sturdy loops that are placed around the front legs of the dog. They can be easily adjusted with one hand to securely tuck up against the pet’s body. It is available in two sizes and multiple colors.  When properly used, the dog is comfortably supported with absolutely no pressure against its throat and trachea. This invention was so happily received by the groomers who tried it that it was nominated for and won the coveted Barkleigh Honors 2021 Product of the Year award.

The vinyl loops are durable, water resistant, and easy to sanitize, and the device can be used to keep the dog in place both in the bathtub or on the table. The Trach Saver® can also be used around the rear legs to help support pets who need a little help keeping their hindquarters up for grooming.

Keeping pets comfortable and safe as they are groomed is a top priority, and the All for Groomers Trach Saver® makes this part of our job far simpler.


By Daryl Conner, certified Petcare Dermatech Specialist, Master Pet Stylist, Meritus and Certified Master Cat Groomer