Dog Deshedding Tools

Most pets inevitably shed their fur—shedding is a natural process that rids the animal of dead hair and makes way for new, healthy hair growth. Often shedding increases as warmer weather approaches, allowing for a lighter and more comfortable adjustment to the heat. Utilizing deshedding tools can make a dog’s shedding much easier on the groomer, and there is a wide variety of tools available to ensure that inevitable shedding is brought under control. PetEdge offers a range of deshedding tools for all different types of dog coats and all intensities of shedding. Stripping knives, undercoat rakes, shedding gloves and slicker brushes provide different types of shedding assistance for both long and short coated dogs. Professional groomers and DIY pet owners can both make use of the deshedding tools PetEdge offers, providing both relief from shedding and from finding hair all over the house.

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