Dog Shampoo & Finishing

Professional Dog Shampoo & Finishes

Whether for the show dog or the professional groomer, PetEdge has the dog shampoo & finishing products to groom dogs to perfection or treat issues like damaged fur or relieve itchy skin. You may be tempted to use human shampoo or other generic soaps on dogs. The acidity of these products is higher than what is appropriate for their skin and over time will cause irritation. 

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We encourage a more appropriate product, especially if you will be giving regular baths or scrub-downs and offer a wide variety of options at great prices. With each of these dog shampoos, you should wash gently, especially in sensitive areas, making sure to both lather and rinse thoroughly. Dog shampoos are also extra beneficial for pet’s coat, keeping it shiny and smooth. Choose from products that can work well on sensitive skin, help protect against fleas and ticks, treat irritation and itches and more. At PetEdge, we offer a wide variety of dog shampoos and finishing products such as bandanas, ribbons and bows and offer many of these products in large quantities for groomers and pet care professionals.

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