Dog Clipper 15 Blade

For professional dog groomers and DIY pet parents alike, electric grooming are perhaps the most essential piece of equipment for keeping any dog looking clean and well-kept. Keeping the clippers clean, the blades sharp and using the right blade for the job is more than half the battle of providing a good-looking cut. Clipper blades are generally interchangeable and made in several different sizes, each giving a different length of cut. Higher numbers correspond to shorter shearing that leaves less hair, while lower numbers can leave quite a bit of length behind. A #15 blade leaves 3/64”, or 1.2 mm of hair and are generally used for clipping the face, feet pads, ears, and the base of the tail. This size is especially popular for cuts on spaniels and poodles. PetEdge offers #15 blades in singular, bulk and variety set purchases. We carry blades made of a wide array of different materials, most commonly steel or ceramic. Steel alloy blades are known to be extremely hard and durable while ceramic edge blades remain cool to the touch and keep their sharpness for extended periods. Shop for all your clipper blade needs including #15 replacement blades and blade kits at PetEdge today!

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