Dog Rawhide and Bully Treats

Dogs love treats and it is great to provide them with an activity that satisfies their urge to gobble up the yums without putting on the pounds. Rawhide is a consumable product, but it takes a great deal of time and chewing for dogs to finish it, so it is the perfect treat to both occupy and satisfy. Rawhide is made of untanned animal skin either cut into sheets or formed into a variety of different shapes. Like other chewable treats, it cleans teeth and helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup. At PetEdge, our rawhides come in a variety of sizes and a dog should always be given a size that is not small enough for him to swallow. Bully sticks are a muscle-based chew with the same benefits as rawhide but with a higher protein content as they are made primarily of muscle instead of hide. They are appropriate for dogs who should not gain weight but need a delicious, chewy treat and are safe enough to give to puppies. PetEdge carries high-quality dog rawhide and bully sticks at an incredible bulk value, so stock today and have your customers returning for more time and time again!

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