Dog Bones, Hooves and Antlers

If rubber and nylon toys don’t seem to cut it for a dog, or if they need something that is more natural and appealing, dog bones, hooves and antlers are good things to try. A hoof is exactly what it sounds like – a cow hoof that has been cleaned, shaved and dried out. These hard treats have a smell that dogs love and can last for several hours of chewing, especially for medium to heavy chewers. Antlers are processed by being cut and filed down to appropriate size and shape and then blanched to harden. These very hard treats contain vital minerals that are beneficial for health and chewing on them is known to aid in dental care. Of course, all types of canines have been eating raw animal bones for thousands of years. They can also provide minerals and teeth-cleaning action and have the additional benefits of aiding digestive health and providing an outlet for chewing. PetEdge carries only high-quality bones, hooves and antlers at great wholesale prices, so stock your store today!

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