Dog Clipper 30 Blade

There are a lot of options out there for buying or replacing dog grooming clipper blades and it is necessary to buy the right size and material blade for any specific use. You will also want to make sure the blade is compatible with your model of clippers, since some blades are universal and some are brand and model specific. As for the size, each blade is labeled with a number such as 7, 10 or 30. This number corresponds to how short the cut will be, with larger numbers referencing shorter cuts. The #30 blade leaves .5 mm or 1/50” and represents one of the highest numbers a groomer would have in their inventory. The #30 blade can cut very short and be used for sculpting or creating very precise details. It is also often used with a comb, or guard, which allows for longer cuts of ¾” or more. Using a #30 blade and a 1” comb is typical for grooming a puppy or show dog with extremely soft hair. The #30 can also be used for the feet and in between paw pads of some breeds, such as poodles. Check out the options below for #30 blade replacements including single blades and blade packages from PetEdge.

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