Dog Trimmer Clippers

Also known as mini-clippers, these dog trimmer clippers work great for quick, light-duty and detail work.  While using a set of larger, more powerful clippers is necessary for large dogs with lots of hair, these miniature versions are worth keeping in your toolkit. Detail work on a dog’s face and paws is not only awkward with large, heavy clippers, the noise can spook the animal, making it all but impossible to trim these sensitive areas. Trimmers are much quieter and far more maneuverable due to their small size and weight. These come in corded and battery-operated styles and most can be used with guards or combs for accuracy. You can also use these between trims or on problem areas when a full cut isn’t needed, so they are great for both professional groomers and home use. Check out our inventory below for great prices on high quality trimmer clippers from

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