Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming

Professional Dog Grooming Supplies

Everything the professional dog groomer needs! Shears, Tools, Nail Care, and Brushes, Tables, Tubs, Dryers and Crates, Cages and Kennels, Grooming Apparel, and Cleaning Supplies are all available here! PetEdge has the products you need to keep your pet grooming business running!

Dog grooming is an essential care activity for the care and well-being of all dogs and is necessary for both the comfort and health of the animal. Grooming needs can vary among dogs, but even short haired dogs will benefit from regular grooming, though not as often as long-haired dogs such as poodles and collies. Regular grooming helps to ensure the dog is healthy and comfortable. Thrush, scratches, hot spots, and other skin problems can all be treated or prevented with proper grooming. It also lessens the number of parasites that live on the skin or could take up residence there. The more often a dog is groomed, the easier it is to do the grooming, so a regular schedule is highly recommended. At Pet Edge, we carry every product that dog owners and professional groomers could need in the course of caring for dogs. From hand tools such as nail clippers and combs to large equipment like grooming tubs and dryers, PetEdge is always on the cutting edge of dog grooming. Check out our high-quality items at amazing values today.

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