Dog Flea and Tick Treatment

Find a Wide Range of Flea & Tick Products for Year-Round Protection

Flea and tick products can be the first line of defense against Lyme disease and other pet ailments. The PetEdge collection of Topical treatmentsshampoos & spraysflea combs and more offer a variety of solutions to help protect your and your clients’ pets.

Keeping dogs free of fleas and ticks is not just a matter of comfort and hygiene, it can protect them against long term and serious health effects. Dog flea and tick treatment can be the first line of defense against Lyme disease, anemia, Cytauxzoonosis infections and allergic dermatitis. At PetEdge, we carry several different kinds of flea and tick control products that can be used alone or in combination to keep any dog safer and healthier. Topical treatments are a quick and easy way to get parasites under control by adding a small amount of chemical to the nape of the neck, reapplying every 30 days. Shampoos and sprays can also deter pests and are easy to work into an existing bathing routine. For a more hands-on approach, flea combs and tick remover tools allow for physical removal of bugs from dog fur without using any chemicals. All these solutions are available with our quality products and great prices right here at


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