Dog Clothes

Whether done for fashion or safety, outfitting a pup in today’s hottest dog apparel trends is sure to turn heads. At PetEdge, we offer an entire wardrobe fit for a king! Safety gear such as high visibility vests and life preservers protect the working dog as well as her civilian peers out for a day of running or boating. Those cold winter months require protection, especially for small and short-haired breeds. 

PetEdge offers high-quality dog apparel that helps your resale business thrive. We carry it all - from coats & jacketshoodies & sweatshirts - to dresses & costumes. Available in a variety of colors, styles & designs so your customers can keep their pets looking like stars!

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Our sweaters, coats and jackets keep body warmth in while our footwear protects tiny toes from snow and slippery ice. Some apparel provides much more than just a fancy look – certain clothing items can even reduce stress and doggies stay relaxed in times of high tension, like through storms or firecrackers. But don’t let all this functional clothing talk deter you from picking an outfit just because it’s dang cute! We’ve got costumes for dogs, tees and tanks, dresses, sleepwear and even holiday themed outfits for your family picture sessions. Shop PetEdge today and send your dog straight down the canine runway of high fashion!

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