PetEdge has always lived up to its name by having an "edge" on the pet supply industry. Today we are the largest supplier to pet care professionals and independent retailers. Groomers, kennels, veterinarians, breeders, and active pet enthusiasts have access to over 12,000 national-brand and exclusive PetEdge-brand products through our catalogs and website. Our mission is to continue finding better ways to serve our customers, and more innovative ways to foster creativity in the industry, until we stand alone as the leader of pet products. We help our customers build their businesses by researching and developing innovative, top-quality products at remarkably low prices. We strive to offer the best customer service in the business as well as fast, on-time delivery.

Today the company is over 60-years-old. We believe our success resulted from developing mutually beneficial relationships with its partners. Our top priority is to create value and put in place strategies that will be beneficial, and offer growth potential, to pet care professionals, groomers, and retailers in the pet supply industry.

How PetEdge Began

PetEdge was founded in 1956 by Loeb Katz as New England Serum Company. Initially, Loeb provided serums to local dairy farms in the Topsfield, Massachusetts area. As the company grew, our product offering was expanded to include pet products. The first product flyer was mailed in 1968. Over the years, this business has evolved to serve the changing needs of pet care professionals and independent pet supply retailers across the country.

Name Change

As our business changed, we were prompted to rename our company. Many customers told us that they were initially confused by our name and what type of products New England Serum Company provided. Since we were no longer selling serums, and had customers throughout the United States, Canada and internationally, it was time to change our name to PetEdge.

Tech Support and Call Center

PetEdge is dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed. Our team has a penchant for helping businesses and a passion for customer service. We're happy to give advice about our products or offer assistance to help your growing business.

PetEdge Exclusive Brands and Products

We have more than 20 exclusive brands of pet products, including Master Equipment™ grooming tubs and tables; Master Grooming Tools™ shears, brushes, combs, nail care products, and other tools and equipment; Top Performance® shampoos and supplies; ProSelect® cages and cage banks; Ranch Rewards® treats; and Zanies® dog toys.

Our product selection includes more than 17,000 pet care products. This includes our exclusive brands such as Aria® and Pet Effects™ as well as products from leading brands like Andis®, Oster®, Wahl®, BioGroom®, Tropiclean®, KONG®, Geib® and lots more.

We're proud of our exciting, new pet products that are both functional and innovative. Our proprietary Cool Pup™ products keep pets cool against dangerously high temperatures and the sun's harmful UV rays. Our breakthrough ThermaPet™ apparel uses advanced fabrics and heat-reflective thermal technology to warm pets using their own body heat. 

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An Exciting Future

PetEdge celebrated its 60-year anniversary. Looking ahead, we're excited about the future. We are leading the way in making grooming more fashionable by creating color-coordinated grooming tables, tubs, dryers, and apparel. We are always looking for ways to help you work smarter, faster and more comfortably. We've gone global and currently employ more than 250 people and operate our headquarters from Danvers, Massachusetts, our distribution centers in Reno NV and Kewanee IL.

PetEdge is made of real people who are as passionate as you are about pets.