Cat Collars, Leads and Harnesses

Contrary to what some people think, collars are just as necessary for cats as they are for dogs. All cats, both indoor and outdoor, should wear a collar to make sure they can be identified if needed, usually with tags attached to the collar. It’s also helpful to show that your cat is not a stray, even if nobody can get close enough to read the tags, at least they will be able to describe the collar and know the animal has a home. 

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It’s best to have a collar with break-away protection if it is going to be used on a cat, as these furry friends have a propensity for getting collars caught on things. Rather than cause pain or choking, break-away collars simply come unclipped so the cat can’t be injured. Some cats will even allow you to walk them on a leash, though the enjoyment of leash walking usually depends on the cat’s personality and may not work for every pet. PetEdge offers a great selection of cat collars and leads, including fashion forward designs and perfect sizing for your feline friends!

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