Rubber Dog Toys

From the infamous KONG beehive toy to tires and Infinity rings, PetEdge stocks a variety of rubber dog toys that pups go crazy over. Rubber is a naturally occurring substance that is both chewy and durable, making it safe for the average dog and long lasting for even the most aggressive chewers. These toys come in different shapes as well as different densities, meaning dogs can benefit from either a softer or more durable type depending on their needs. Rubber makes a great material for pull toys and a safer alternative to ropes, which can come unraveled and be a choking or swallowing hazard. It is also a very popular material to make puppy teethers and treat dispensers, keeping dogs busy and happy. Try filling a KONG toy with treats and peanut butter, freezing it, and then giving as a treat – dogs will stay happy for hours at a time!

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